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u know shaytan is out because of all these beautiful girls in their eid clothes making it possible to lower your gaze - omg 😭😭😭

muslinmuslim I knoww! and thanks :)

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muslinmuslim at u of I I’ll most likely choose biochem w/ either premed or pre-pharm (still undecided on which) so I figure a biochem or chem major leaves my options open

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muslinmuslim u of I is a very viable option at this point because it’s somewhat far, but still in state which will make it affordable. id be happy to go there it’s a great school

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muslinmuslim oh okay I’m sure any major you pick there is a good option haha and idkkk I wouldn’t wanna get my hopes up for that. I live in burbs of Chicago and I’m trying to expand out of state, I wanna get away for school at least

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muslinmuslim yeah I’m from Midwest and haha noo I can’t get into NU, but I see that you go there! if you don’t mind me asking how is it? what’s your major?

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Anonymous said: what are your top choices in schools

idk when this was sent I haven’t looked at my inbox in so long! but I’ve been thinking about this soooo much recently and I’ve narrowed down to 5 and that’s as much as I could do, so in order of choice it goes:
UW Madison
Purdue University
St. Louis College of pharmacy
Indiana University

I’d love to go to any of these schools. I just hope I get into one lol


"Skinny pants are rock ‘n’ roll. And big coats are really hip-hop. I’m looking for 50 percent rock ‘n’ roll, 50 percent hip-hop, 50 percent genius," West says, laughing. "Because, you know—for genius, you have to be at a hundred and fifty percent." - Kanye West, GQ
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how i survived high school.
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