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Do not allow people to mispronounce your name.

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i like girls who look like they kill people for a living

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me:ends incredibly depressing sentence with "lmao"
"I just wanted a trim"3 notes
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Anonymous said: Are you ashamed to pray in public or do you prefer private locations?


i prefer exotic locations.

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I’m so glad that I’m blessed enough to be stressed and busy this year which gives me little to no time to participate in shaytaan infested activities I need to stay away from all that and keep my eye on the prize

Astaghfirullah Astaghfirullah Astaghfirullah - me watching the video for “Anaconda” then breaking my laptop with a hammer and then burning it and then making Wudu and reading Quran for 5 hours straight7 notes
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I’ll always fail to understand how some guys are capable of treating girls so poorly if they have a mother and a sister?
Rule of thumb: if you’d beat up some dude for doing it to your mom or your sister, don’t fucking do it

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what did Avogadro get when he got stung by 6.02 x 10^23 mosquitos?



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Me everyday: “dad don’t say that it’s offensive”

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